About ATOP Communications

We at ATOP Communications know that each client has needs specific to his or her business. We are dedicated to evaluating opportunities to save you money and / or leverage technology to grow your business. But we also care about long term convenience and optimal performance versus focusing on immediate outcomes. In addition to being a broker for telecom services (voice and data), ATOP Communications is also an agent for Business Telephone systems both Cloud based and premised based. Our portfolio encompasses high speed internet access, wide area network telecom services, and Software Defined Wide Area Network technology.

Professional Services

Navigating the world of telecom can prove overwhelming. We know the verbiage for telecom services often includes confusing abbreviations and industry jargon. We’re here to break it down for you, plain and simple. Check out our informational videos featuring explanations of Cloud Based versus Premise Based telecom systems, as well as what SD-WAN stands for and how it provides peace of mind for your business.


Let’s say you are opening up a new branch of your company or just moving to a new business location and need new voice and data cabling. ATOP Communications provides you the resources to get the lowest cost for the best in the business. Licensed Low Voltage cabling at the fraction of the cost of what many competitors are charging.

Offsite Data Backup and Recovery

Hardware failures, natural disasters, human error, and unforeseen accidents are all reasons to have means of effectively restoring all your operational data and systems by installing the best recovery methods. With an off-site server always providing a safety net, you can have peace of mind knowing all critical information and business system activity will be safeguarded through data encryption and transmission through highly secure networks.

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